MEDEA (16mm, In Post-Production)

The film is an interpretation of Franca Rame’s adaptation of Euripedes tragedy Medea.  Medea’s voice is presented as a self analytical monologue.  >>> [more]



The Stone and the Moon (In Pre-Production)

This film is deeply linked to the recent history of Chile where there are many unresolved conflicts related to the Pinochet dictatorship that deeply affected the conscience of the country.  >>> [more]



DISSENT (HD – 16mm – 35mm, 32 min. 2012)

A father’s final condemnation shakes his son, Edward, to the point of committing a desperate act. Act of which, the son’s fiancé, Karla, will discover its truthfulness at her umpteenth reawakening. >>> [more]



Occhi di Lenzuolo  (16mm, 25 min, 1998)

This film is an experimental narrative that examines the search for sexual and cultural identity revolving around a homecoming.  >>> [more]