Walking the Holly Land (DV/16mm, 20 min., 2008)

In an essay style cinema Walking the Holy Land is a study of the act of walking through the city of Rome.  >>> [more]



200/24/48 (16mm, 2008)

This film was shot at Villa Pamfili Doria in Rome, Italy.  The concept was to shoot 200 feet of 16mm film while walking 200 feet. >>> [more]



Hand Made (16mm, 6 min. 2007)

The Images of this film were created by hand manipulating found footage with bleach and other chemicals.  >>> [more]



Che Noia (DV, 2 min. 2007)

A pornographic film without pornography that includes hip-hop music and “parole in Libertà” of the Italian futurist Giacomo Balla.  >>> [more]



Swan (Super 8, 5 min. 2006)

Swan is a re-photographing of a popular US television extreme make over program, “The Swan”. The obscure and abstract super 8 images de-construct the polished TV show. >>> [more]



Bridge (Super 8 , 5 min. 2006)

Bridge is a visual loop of images of the Brooklyn Bridge under surveillance by a police helicopter. The audio is composed by the sounds of the bridge rocking to the music box lullaby’s that play to the rhythm of the de-constructed loop.  >>> [more]



ZigZag (16mm, 6 min., 2006)

ZigZag is a film that was part of a performance called “Eyes needs Ears” that asked filmmakers to produce a silent film for musicians to use as a score in a live performance. This film was sewn with a sewing machine.  >>> [more]



Gramsci-Roma (Super 8, 8 min., 2005)

The film is inspired by the prison letters of Antonio Gramsci and the city of Rome, where he was arrested by the Fascist-dominated Italian state in 1926. The film represents Rome with images that lie in-between quotidian and tourism. >>> [more]



Tintura (16mm, 8 min., 2003)

This film includes footage that was hand manipulated with bleach and hand painted. The visual component is constructed of fragments from previous work and the sound is created from fragments of individual improvised noise.  >>> [more]



End Sweatshops and Child Labor  (DV, 5 min, 2003)

From Elisabeth NJ to Holland Tunnel NYC
An experience of surveillance leads to a journey into a landscape of access and waste. The video is digitally manipulated to enhance the proliferation of access and the diegetic sound is transformed into mechanical reverberations of the city as cyborg. >>> [more]



Sold (DV, 5 min, 2003)

On June 23, 2003 President George W. Bush visited New York City to attend a fund raising dinner for his re-election campaign. This video presents the mob of people who were rallying outside to protest his presence in NYC and his re-election.  >>> [more]



Scrusciu (DV, 13 min., 2004)

Scrusciu is an experimental documentary and a play of image and sound reminiscent of the American Avant-Garde materialist films. It observes the relationship between the filmmaker and his mother during a medical crisis.  >>> [more]



Crack (16mm, 8 min, 1998)

This film looks at the struggle of a person grasping onto individuality in a controlling and authoritarian social structure by focusing on a medical experience.  >>> [more]



Occhi di Lenzuolo (16mm, 25 min, 1998)

This film is an experimental narrative that examines the search for sexual and cultural identity revolving around a homecoming. The film was entirely shot in the province of Palermo, Sicily.
>>> [more]



Tematiche (16mm, 9.5 min., 1995)

Tematiche is an interpretation of Italian Philosopher Gian Battista Vico’s theory on the development of language. Vico describes three stages through which the process of language occurs, Sense, Fantasy, and Reason.  >>> [more]