Berberian, Bussotti and Dance (HDV, In Production)

The project, Berberian, Bussotti and Dance, will document the connection between Sylvano Bussotti and Cathy Berberian and the integration of their work through dance, with original choreography created by Sandra Fuciarelli and performed by dancers of the Italian National Academy of Dance. The film will integrate choreography, music and images with interviews and archival documents in a documentary on the dynamic working connections between Berberian and Bussotti. >>> [more]



Buffalo And All That Jazz (DV, In Post-Production)

Buffalo and All That Jazz explores the question, did jazz as an art form erase the color line or did jazz as a business exacerbate it? The story of jazz in Buffalo, New York offers a means to examine this question… >>> [more]


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You Are Where You Live (HDV, 25 min. 2011)

You Are Where You Live chronicles the personal stories of the Clean Air Coalition’s fight for the people’s right to a healthy environment.  The film mixes hand made film, super 8 and 16mm film with HD.  The Clean Air Coalition is an organization that builds power by developing grassroots leaders who organize their communities to run and win environmental justice and public health campaigns in Western New York. >>> [more]



Women in Black (HDV, 30 min., 2004)

Women in Black is an international network of women and men who stand for a uncompromising commitment to justice and a world free of violence. In Buffalo, NY they started protesting after the bombing of Afghanistan and have been standing once a week in a silent vigil since. In NYC they began in 1993 in support of the original WIB group in Israel of Israeli women who are calling for an end to the violence in the occupied territories and Gaza. This documentary chronicles their weekly vigil for three years and it’s a testimony of their perseverance and commitment. >>> [more]



Scrusciu (DV, 13 min., 2004)

Scrusciu is an experimental documentary and a play of image and sound reminiscent of the American Avant-Garde structural films. It observes the relationship between the filmmaker and his mother during a medical crisis.  >>>[more]



Voices of Difference  (DV, 20 min., 2001)

This Documentary investigates the stories of three women who have immigrated to Western New York: one from Ireland via Scotland at the turn of the last century; another from Syria in the Middle East in 1991 and the last from Guyana in South America in 1994. The contrast between old and new immigrants creates a new perception of diversity in our community that can be used by both educational and business institutions. >>> [more]